Effectiveness Of Different Types Of Advertising For Truck Insurance Industry

by    Marketing & Advertising   Thursday, August 20th, 2020

When you want to advertise about your truck insurance products and services, you have so many options. You can choose from the different types of advertising available to you to convey your message.

You can use TV advertising, press advertising, mobile billboard, web advertising, phone calls, word of mouth advertising, yellow page advertising, radio advertising, product placement and so on for commercial truck insurance and cargo insurance advertisements.

The effectiveness of a truck insurance advertising depends on its use, target, investment, creation and implementation. The effectiveness is also affected by the support of one to another. In a communication program, the medium has role to play. The effectiveness depends on the playing that role successfully.

You may be provided with biased information about the effectiveness of a truck insurance advertising type, by the players working in that field of truck insurance. So for a neutral idea on the effectiveness you have to see all the perspectives.

Every commercial truck and cargo advertising type has its effectiveness in some places and in some situations. It depends on when and how you use it. Make an advertising campaign innovative and interesting to get success with it. To see an example of a good advertisement see National Independent Truckers Insurance Company, RRG. created TV commercial at http://www.directtruckinsurance.com.

So many variables decide the effectiveness of the advertising type in case of truck insurance and cargo insurance. The size of ad, time of placement, target audience, the advertisement itself etc decide the effectiveness of that type of advertising. Creativity is another big factor in cargo and truck insurance advertising.

Following are the factors that help in measuring effectiveness of a type of advertising used in commercial truck and cargo insurance. They are the metrics in advertising.

Impressions- Number of people exposed to the advertisement.

Frequency – number of times your truck insurance advertising reached each people

Clickthroughs – The number of people who clicked on your advertisement

Post-impression visitors – Visit by the visitor, at a later time

Website traffic in unique visitors – increase in word-of-mouth

Sales – what is the number of sales, amount of sale etc.

Some of the statistics that shows the effectiveness and increase in the use of different advertising type.

In US traditional media is still have a big place in advertising. There are 13,599 radio stations, 2,890 broadcast TV stations, plus unlimited cable and satellite TV outlets, 2,366 daily newspapers, thousands of internet sites are working in the advertising field. There are also other players like direct mail, magazines, outdoor advertising, and other special and alternative advertising working in advertising.

The revenue earning is varies according to the number of players. Radio earns $20 billion annually, TV stations, cable, satellite TV stations together earn $67 billion, newspapers earn $49 billion, direct mail earns $24 billion, outdoor advertising earn $6.8 billion annually in revenue.

New media and technologies in advertising like blogs, mobile phone based advertising, podcasting, satellite radio, cable TV programming on-demand and online social networks are also doing well now.

In general, considering each one alone, Press is the highest proportion revenue earner in advertising. TV comes in the second position. Internet is growing at a very fast rate. Its share is rising in the advertising industry (source: Advertising Association).

Search marketing represents 39% of all online advertising spending and will account for 44% of online ad spending in 2010. Share of the different search engine marketing ways are 51% on paid search ads, 12% on search marketing agency fees for paid search, 6% on paid inclusion, 11% on search marketing agency fees for optimization, 10% on contextual ads and 11% on other areas of search marketing. —- Forrester Research

According to a prediction, online advertising market will grow nearly $10 billion over the next few years. Internet advertising will increase from $6.6 billion in 2003 to $16.1 billion in 2009. —- Jupiter/Click Z.

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