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by    Work From home   Friday, September 11th, 2020

When I personally look for an online Business or Work From Home Opportunity to get involved in then I always do my homework before the time. The following is what I discovered about Data Network Affiliates.


The data collection industry did over $14 Billion in revenue last year and the demand for valuable data is exploding. Last year companies that used consumer data spent $191 Billion on direct response advertising alone. The bottom line is, the rite information will pay for itself.

Data Network Affiliates went live on 1st March 2010. Over the years many companies have come and gone in a flurry of excitement and hype but Data Network Affiliates appears to be offering something more than the usual. The Data Entry model of the company went Global from the 1st May 2010.

DNA is lead by a team called The DNA Executive Power Team, consisting of George Madiou as its CEO & Founder also the Owner and Publisher of The Network Marketing Magazine.

Arthur Kurek the President, joined Amalgamated Life in 1972 and has held various positions within Amalgamated Life and its affiliates.

Donald Kessler is the VP of Marketing. He was VP of Corporate Development of Hardwicke Group Of Companies.

Anthony Sasso is the Special Board Consultant.


Now that I know a little more about the Company and the Leaders, the next step will be to find out what opportunity they have to offer.

Phase I is the collecting and entering of data, namely car and truck tag plate data. It is 100% free to get started with Phase I. No commissions are paid for the sponsoring of people into DNA. All commissions are based on the collection of data and the sale of products and services offered by The DNA Company.

The car and truck license tags are valuable in many ways, in addition to the obvious data marketing value, it can be used with Amber Alert to find missing children and persons and be part of the solution. It can also be used by Law Enforcement Agencies, helping to locate stolen cars and known criminals. Banks, auto dealers and car rental companies will pay for information to locate lost and unpaid vehicles.

You sign up for free and then you have to build a team of ten levels of free sign ups. In order to earn up to ten levels deep the affiliate must personally introduce ten affiliates and they must all enter 20 license tag plate data or more for that month.

Other Products

The success of this opportunity will depend on the timely payout of commissions earned and the amount of support given to the affiliates by the leadership.

The other two products available are not free and you need to upgrade in order to earn from them which will be less attractive since most people will be interested in Phase I, the free tag entry product.

Phase II is the promotion of their Personal DNA Connects Website.

Phase III is the promotion of their Personal DNA Cellular Website.

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