Why You Should Have a Squeeze Page In Your Affiliate Marketing Business?

by    Affiliate Marketing   Sunday, October 18th, 2020

If you have been involved in the affiliate marketing business for some time, you should be aware of the importance of having your own list of subscribers. Having your own list of subscribers will enable you to do the following things:

Building good relationship with your customers

Recommending good products or resources to them

Providing them with good content and information

To start growing your own list of subscribers, you will want to make use of the squeeze page. The squeeze page can be defined as a simple one page website which only focus on collecting the visitors details like first name and email address.

The squeeze page should have attention grabbing headline and it should list down the benefits that your visitors will get if they give you their details to join your list. If you are driving targeted traffic to your squeeze page and you are providing relevant content, some visitors will join your list to get more information from you.

Once your list starts to grow bigger and you are constantly communicating with your subscribers, you will be able to get more response from your list whenever you send an email to them. This will enable you to make money on demand. Having your own responsive list ensures that you will be able to make consistent income from your affiliate marketing business.

You will want to start focusing on giving consistent values to your subscribers so that they will trust you and they will be more responsive to your email and offer. When you are just starting out, you might not be getting the results as fast as you wanted as it takes time to build relationship with your list. Focus on giving values and your subscribers will soon purchase the products that you are recommending.

Having your own squeeze page will enable you to get your whole business progressing in the right direction. You can get your whole business started with less than US$50. The cost are below:

– Domain name which will cost US$10 yearly

– Professional Hosting account which will cost US$10 monthly

– Professional autoresponder account which will cost US$20 monthly

Thus, you should be aware that the monthly maintenance of this business is only US$30 monthly when you are just starting your business. As your list gets bigger, the cost for your autoresponder account will become more expensive. But this should not be any problem if you are providing consistent values to your subscribers as they will purchase the products that you recommend which will cover the cost.

If you did not have a squeeze page, please start to create your own squeeze page as soon as possible so that you will be able to start building your own list of subscribers which provides you with long term consistent income.

Source by Zack Lim

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