8 ideas to make money online

If you are going to start an ecommerce store Imagine your product in front of all these people

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How does it work?

Gadget Flow works great with Kickstarter projects, Indiegogo Live and In-Demand campaigns, Shopify-based stores, Amazon stores, and your own e-commerce website.

Presenting Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow is the original product discovery platform for staying up to date with the latest tech, gear, and most incredible crowdfunding campaigns. Reaching over 28 million people per month, their iOS and Android apps support AR and VR for next-level product exploration. They’ve worked with over 8,000 customers, including Fortune-500 companies and over 4,000 crowdfunding campaigns. They are listed both on Kickstarter and Indiegogo as experts.

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eCommerce Websites- Online Store

An eCommerce website (an abbreviation of Electronic Commerce website) is set up to allow customers to make purchases of products or services directly online including making payment through an online gateway

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Brochure and Catalogue websites

Simply put, a brochure website is a digital version of a printed brochure. They show the products or services your company provides, however, unlike an e-commerce website, they do not sell the product or service online. With a brochure website, the goods and services are only displayed, so customers will have to contact the company to place an order or book

These sites are normally quicker to build and easier to maintain which ultimately means they cost less.

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Non-profit websites

A non-profit website is one that represents a not-for-profit organisation such as a medical research charity, an overseas aid charity, or a heritage charity.

What makes a non profit website successful?

The best nonprofit websites are clear, easy to use, and most important encourage users to explore. Messaging. Effective content strategy delivers the message from the audience’s point-of-view, clearly and concisely, bringing key messages to the forefront. Engagement.

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E-Learning websites

What is E-learning?

So, what exactly is eLearning? In simple terms, eLearning is a formalized teaching system with the help of electronic resources. The use of the internet and computers are significant components of eLearning that allow teaching to be based in or out of the classroom.

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What is dropshipping and how does it work?
Dropshipping is when a vendor fulfills orders from a third party and has them shipped directly to the customer. … The vendor pays for the item at a discount by working directly with a manufacturer or wholesaler; their profit comes from the difference in the initial item cost and whatever price they sell it at.

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Print on Demand

What is print on demand (POD)?

Print on demand (POD), sometimes referred to as “on-demand printing” is an ecommerce model that allows you to sell customized products that are printed only after an order has been placed. With on-demand printing, you don’t hold on to any physical inventory. Instead, you sign up with a POD platform that takes care of the printing and fulfilment process for you.

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