Cosmic Artist

7TH Dimension Frequencies

Welcome to my online art gallery. Please note that all artwork on this website is copyright. If you want to use my art or collaborate on a project kindly send me an email. Contact

Welcome to my creative world! I’m Marc, the artist behind the mesmerizing artwork showcased on this website. Each gallery serves as a gateway to boundless realms, inviting you to embark on a journey of imagination and inspiration. My sincerest hope is that you discover joy and motivation within my creations, and perhaps even share that magic with others. If you find that my art resonates with you and adds value to your life, I’d be honored if you considered ordering a few prints to adorn your space. Thank you for visiting, and may your exploration here be filled with wonder and delight.

About My art

As a cosmic digital artist attuned to the frequencies of the seventh dimension, I pour my essence into every symbol and stroke, crafting art that resonates with the soul’s journey toward healing and higher consciousness. Each piece is not merely an image but a conduit for the boundless energies of the universe, a reflection of my profound connection to the field of consciousness itself.


It is my deepest aspiration that those who encounter my creations experience a profound shift, a gentle realignment of their being toward states of cosmic awareness and healing. Through my art, I seek to offer a pathway for souls to explore and embrace their own divine nature, to journey inward and outward simultaneously, transcending the limitations of the mundane world.


If you find resonance with my work, if you feel the subtle stirrings of transformation within you as you gaze upon these symbols of cosmic beauty, I invite you to bring them into your life in a tangible way.

Consider adorning your space with prints of my art, allowing its energy to infuse your surroundings and uplift your spirit. Or perhaps, if you feel called, reach out to me to explore the possibility of collaboration, of joining our creative energies to birth something truly wondrous into the world.


Together, let us journey into the realms of the seventh dimension, where art becomes a sacred act of co-creation, where healing and consciousness merge in a dance of divine expression.