Create your own market place like Amazon

Create a Professional marketplace platform in minutes with Sharetribe Go

Create a website like Airbnb, eBay, or Fiverr and make money while your users rent or sell goods, spaces, or services. Build and launch your fully functional marketplace in one day — without writing a line of code!

Sharetribe is a software platform that allows users to create their own online marketplace websites. It provides a variety of tools and features that enable users to create and manage their own marketplace website without the need for technical expertise.

With Sharetribe, users can easily create a website where buyers and sellers can connect, exchange goods or services, and make transactions. The platform offers a range of customization options, including the ability to choose from different themes and templates, as well as the ability to customize the look and feel of the website.

Sharetribe also provides a range of features to help marketplace owners manage their website, such as payment processing, user management, and analytics tools. Additionally, Sharetribe offers integrations with a variety of other services, including payment gateways, shipping providers, and email marketing tools, to provide a comprehensive marketplace solution.

Sharetribe Lets You Create Your Own Peer-To-Peer Marketplace | TechCrunch

10 benefits of creating an online marketplace:

  1. Increased revenue: By creating an online marketplace, you can generate additional revenue streams by taking a commission on transactions made through the platform.
  2. Cost-effective: Online marketplaces can be cost-effective to set up and operate, especially compared to brick-and-mortar stores or traditional e-commerce websites.
  3. Scalability: Online marketplaces can easily scale to accommodate a growing number of sellers and buyers, without the need for additional physical space or resources.
  4. Diversification: Online marketplaces allow you to diversify your offerings and expand your product or service range, increasing the chances of attracting new customers.
  5. Increased exposure: Online marketplaces can help you reach a wider audience, increasing your brand exposure and potentially leading to new customers and sales.
  6. Improved customer experience: Online marketplaces can provide a more convenient and user-friendly shopping experience for customers, with features like product reviews, search functions, and secure payment options.
  7. Lower risk: With an online marketplace, you don’t need to hold inventory or invest in stock upfront, reducing the financial risk involved in launching a new product line.
  8. Reduced marketing costs: Online marketplaces can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing, as satisfied customers recommend the platform to others, reducing the need for costly marketing campaigns.
  9. Data insights: Online marketplaces can provide valuable data insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to optimize your offerings and marketing strategies.
  10. Collaborative environment: Online marketplaces can foster a sense of collaboration and community among sellers, creating opportunities for knowledge-sharing and cross-promotion.