Create your space in Superworld

Create your space in the Metaverse

How to buy property in the Metaverse

To create an entirely new category of human experience, the teams at SuperWorld are constantly innovating, but our vision remains steadfast: To give Augmented Reality (AR) creators, real estate owners, and YOU an opportunity to build a better world.

We're working every day to help users create, discover, and monetize their myriad projects and share in revenue. But to make this happen, we're developing new models for the creative economy that use blockchain technology, which some are more familiar with than others.

Buy your own property in the Metaverse


We are quickly heading towards the age of the metaverse – Increasingly we will use these spaces to work, play, socialize and learn – This includes investing and making money, and just like in the real world, one of the most popular ways to do this will be investing in property.

Superstars, including Snoop Dog and global businesses including JP Morgan, HSBC, and Samsung, have already snapped up plots of virtual land, which they intend to develop for a variety of purposes. Those who got in early have already made big returns. Less than a year ago, the average price for the smallest plot of land available to buy was under $1,000. Today it’s sitting at around $13,000.

Lorne Sugarman is the CEO of the Metaverse Group, a Toronto-based virtual real estate company that buys, develops and leases parcels of land in the metaverse.

The big tech companies are going all guns blazing on the metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg is all in, while Microsoft wants to build the enterprise metaverse.

The metaverse, at its core, is an embodied internet: a social sphere where people will be able to meet with the help of personalized avatars that make them feel more present than a plain video call.

How big is the metaverse?
There are a few worlds, but one of the biggest is Superworld. It has 300,000 monthly users and several districts, including Vegas City, which will have casinos, nightclubs, theaters. Crypto Valley is where tech companies will have offices. In the Fashion District, clothing brands will sell merchandise for avatars. There are concerts, art shows and festivals, too.

Why buy metaverse land?

Just like buying land in the real world, there are two main reasons you might want to buy land in the metaverse. The first is probably the safest – you want to use it for something, such as building a house to live in or premises from which to do business.

Is metaverse land a good investment?

It is estimated that Metaverse real estate sales could reach nearly $ 1 billion in 2022, making it an asset class to watch for investors worldwide. By purchasing digital land, you could earn an early-access advantage to what promises to be a fast-moving and high-growth sector

Purchase metaverse land using cryptocurrency

This is the most straightforward way to buy land in the Metaverse and is most suitable for small and affordable purchases. To make purchases, customers can:

  • Visit the property marketplace on the Superworld platform. This will be similar to app marketplaces for software platforms.
  • Link your digital wallet to the Metaverse account and ensure it has the specific type of crypto required.
  • Click on the buy or purchase button to transfer the crypto amount in exchange for the real estate NFT.
  • As the last step, you can work with a company like Superworld to manage and develop your virtual real estate for better profits.


SuperWorld is a virtual world where users can buy, sell, collect, and curate over 64 billion unique plots of virtual land.

The SuperWorld virtual real estate platform is mapped over the entire surface of the globe, allowing users to purchase
—literally—any place on Earth. From skyscrapers and stadiums to historical monuments and iconic structures including wonders of the natural world, when you step into SuperWorld, you’ll truly make a world of your own.

Share in revenue created on your  virtual land

When you purchase a plot of virtual real estate in SuperWorld, you’ll not only own a one-of-a-kind digital asset, you’ll also become a stakeholder on our platform and share in revenue created on your virtual land from user activity, including: In-game purchases, transactions, advertising, eCommerce, digital commerce, and gaming.

Owning virtual real estate in SuperWorld is easy. Take a moment to set up a crypto wallet, then start buying and selling properties from the Great Lakes to the Great Wall!



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