Food startups

Food startups

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Food Startups. Investment into foodtech—ranging from beef grown in petri dishes to indoor urban farms—reached a record $12.8 billion in venture investment globally in 2021—double the amount a year earlier.

Of that, $5.8 billion—nearly half—went into companies creating alternatives to traditionally produced meat, seafood and dairy products, including startups working on lab-created protein and plant-based meat and dairy substitutes.

The three largest foodtech startup investments in 2021 all went to China-based companies. They include:

  • A 10 billion yuan (~$1.54 billion) investment in Beijing-based Guanyun Liquor, a distillery making and marketing baijiu, the traditional Chinese liquor, to a younger crowd of consumers;
  • A 3.6 billion yuan (~$558 billion) investment into Chinese snack-maker Weilong Foods;
  • HeyTea, a Chinese tea company that specializes in cheese-topped and fruit tea, received a $500 million Series D.

10 Profitable Food Business Ideas for 2022

1. Food truck (mexican food truck,|  Cousins maine lobster food truck ,|  on the hook food truck
7 Most Profitable Food Truck Items
Burgers. Indian food. Stone Baked Pizza. Loaded Fries. Grilled Cheese. Falafels. Mac N Cheese.
2. Ice cream shop
haagen dazs ice cream shop, | mexican ice cream shop,| waukee ice cream shop
3. Cooking classes
cooking classes nyc,|  cooking classes houston, | cooking classes chicago, | cooking classes boston,|  virtual cooking classes
4. Personal chef
personal chef jobs, | how to become a personal chef
5. Coffee shop
mgk coffee shop,|  bikini coffee shop,|  crimson cup coffee shop
6. Meal kits
target meal kits,|  publix meal kits,|  meal kits
7. Baked goods
batch baked goods, |  stir crazy baked goods, |  healthy baked goods, |  vegan baked goods, |  gluten free baked goods,
8. Sauces
buffalo wild wings sauces,|  mcdonalds sauces,|  popeyes sauces, | burger king sauces,|  taco bell sauces,|  wendy's sauces, | subway sauces, | chick fil a sauces, | kfc sauces,hot ones sauces, | pasta sauces
8. Pre-packaged snacks
keto snacks, | fruit snacks, | healthy snacks, | low calorie snacks
9. Baby food
yumi baby food, | baby food maker, | beech nut baby food, | gerber baby food
10. Organic foods
organic food kings, | organic food depot, | organic food store

Top Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery is a global industry, powered by the gig economy which has swept North America, Europe and Asia in the past decade. China’s food delivery apps have the largest userbase and market penetration, reaching over 650 million people, the US is the second largest market and the most well funded.

Uber EatsThe most widely available food delivery service, active in six continents and first or second in gross orders in most countries
Just EatLeader of food delivery in the UK and active in Europe and Australia, also holds a stake in Brazilian food aggregator iFood
GrubhubOriginal aggregator in the US and with Seamless, controlled over 50 percent of US online food delivery up until 2018
DeliverooThe pioneer of platform-to-consumer in the UK, it now operates in 13 countries, competing with Uber and Just Eat
DoorDashThe current leader in online food delivery in the US, which also pioneered the platform-to-consumer model
PostmatesA subsidiary of Uber Eats since 2019, responsible for about 10 percent of online food delivery in the United States
Takeaway.comA European aggregator responsible (through subsidiaries) for most online food delivery in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium
Delivery HeroThrough its many subsidiaries (including Food Panda), Delivery Hero has a controlling interest in food delivery platforms in over 40 countries
Ele.meOwned by Alibaba, is one of the two major food delivery platforms in China. It has over 200 million active users
Meituan DianpingThe other half of the online food delivery industry in China. Tencent is the largest stakeholder, with a 20 percent stake
RappiBacked by SoftBank, Rappi has aggressively pushed into the South American market, currently active in nine countries
Jumia FoodPart of the African e-commerce giant Jumia, which was the first African startup to be valued at over $1 billion
Damae-CanJapan’s first choice for takeout, Damae-Can has over 20,000 restaurants and 2.3 million active users
iFoodBrazil’s most popular aggregator by a significant margin, accounting for over 70 percent of online takeaway orders in the country
ZomatoThe most popular of the homegrown food delivery apps in India, which acquired Uber Eats India in January 2020
Yandex.EdaAs Uber is not active in Russia, Yandex.Eda has been given free reign to all of the platform-to-consumer market

The Best Chef in the World – Meet The Most Famous Chefs


This food startup is offering fast and reliable delivery services that customers can easily track on their phones. Deliveroo has achieved massive growth of over 650% yearly.


Swiggy has grown to become the largest food ordering and delivery platform in India’s growing market. This allows users to order meals from their favorite restaurants. In addition, their platform provides users the opportunity to track their shipments in real-time.


Wolt is a Finnish food startup providing last-mile logistics for business. This company is building a platform that connects restaurants and retailers who want to make and sell quality food with couriers who then finally deliver it to the end customers.


UpsideFoods is a food startup that produces cell-based meat that’s affordable, delicious, and widely available. In addition to making high-quality cultivated meat, they are dedicated to keeping the process sustainable as well.

Mosa Meat

The team of Mosa Meat, being aware that producing meat takes up 80% of all agricultural land, is focusing to shape the product and make it affordable for everyone. With Mosa Meat’s cultured beef burger many people will have a chance to enjoy kinder beef burgers so that we have a better planet to live on.

Good Catch

Good Catch is another one of the environmentally friendly food startups that’s bringing innovation to the way seafood is made. In essence, they’re producing high-quality seafood from plant-based and environmentally friendly ingredients. Additionally, they offer delivery to the home of their customers too.


Hungry is a food startup for the best local chefs and food delivery services. They have grown into a platform for remarkable chef-made food production and delivery services that also include business and event catering, contracted meal delivery services, etc.

Solar Foods

Solar Foods is a food startup that’s attempting to undertake the global production of food in a groundbreaking way. Essentially, the company is producing food out of thin air thanks to their unique biotech solution that’s also environmentally friendly too


This food startup is dedicated to using the latest cutting-edge techniques to bring out the very best flavor in every ingredient and serve up next-level freshness. In addition, Spryce is offering a dynamic menu that’s adjusting in real-time to meet their customers’ preferences too


ClusterTruck is a food startup that can be best described as a delivery-only kitchen. Unlike the majority of the competition, the company is making its food in addition to delivering it. Besides that, ClusterTruck also offers convenient group ordering for its customers too.


This food startup is focused on providing delicious, sustainable, and healthy seafood for its customers by using technology to grow meat from healthy cells instead of animals. For instance, Shiok-Meat produces foods like shrimps, crabs, and lobsters while using cellular agriculture technology.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is a creative food startup that’s built an app that lets people save surplus food from shops and supermarkets. Furthermore, their platform also helps in powering the company’s efforts in shaking up the global food system as well as creating a movement against food wasting too.


Olio-Food is a food startup that is building a platform that connects neighbors as well as with businesses so surplus food can be shared instead of thrown away. In addition, their app makes it easy for users to add and access items for pick up.

Karma Kitchen

Karma Kitchen is building, equipping, and managing the spaces with everything from kitchen porters, community managers to top-of-the-range equipment. This food startup provides workspaces that encompass the full needs of food and drinks businesses.


Deliverect is one of the blooming food startups that is focused on connecting restaurants with their customers. Specifically, they integrate all your online orders to your existing POS system or the company’s Delivery Manager app.


The company installs smart “vending machines” stocked with healthy local food every day. The food can be customized to your office and track all sorts of interesting data on eating habits

The annual coffee retail sales in the US are about $5.2 billion. This piece of coffee industry statistics depicts consumer spending habits as well as the coffee market's potential

Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee per day making the United States one of the leading consumers of coffee in the world. On an average, 250 Cups of espresso and coffee drinks are sold per day at almost any espresso drive-thru business with a great visible location
The global coffee market was valued at USD 102.02 billion in 2020, and it is projected to reach a CAGR of 4.28% during the forecast period of 2021-2026

The Most Amazing Coffee Statistics

  • 64% of American adults currently consume coffee every day.
  • Americans drink about 400 million cups of coffee every day.
  • Americans drink about 146 billion cups of coffee per year.
  • 66% of women drink coffee every day, compared to 62% of men.
  • 79% of Americans prepare coffee at home.
  • About 35% of coffee consumers usually drink black coffee.
  • 45% of US coffee consumers brew their coffee by a drip coffee maker.
  • Robusta beans have a higher caffeine content than Arabica beans.
  • In Finland, an average of 12 kg of coffee is consumed per person every year.
  • About 110–120 million bags of coffee are produced in the world every year.

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