Ascended Master – Lady Nada


Size 80cm x 80cm – Digital Download

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Lady Nada is an Ascended Master known for her embodiment of divine love, compassion, and service. She is associated with the Sixth Ray, the ray of peace and ministration, often depicted as a beautiful, serene figure bathed in soft pink light, symbolizing unconditional love and harmony.

In spiritual traditions, Lady Nada is recognized for her role in helping individuals open their hearts and develop their capacity for selfless love and compassion. She is often called upon for guidance in healing relationships, fostering forgiveness, and nurturing inner peace.

Lady Nada’s teachings emphasize the importance of selfless service to humanity. She encourages the development of empathy, kindness, and a deep sense of interconnectedness with all life. Her energy is gentle yet powerful, helping individuals release old wounds and embrace a higher vibration of love.

In her past lives, Lady Nada is believed to have served as a priestess in the Temple of Love in Atlantis, where she dedicated herself to the service of others. This lifetime laid the foundation for her later work as an Ascended Master, guiding and uplifting humanity with her profound wisdom and boundless compassion.

Many spiritual seekers and lightworkers feel a deep connection to Lady Nada, drawing upon her energy for personal transformation and spiritual growth. She is often invoked in meditations and prayers to assist with heart-centered healing and to cultivate a greater sense of divine love within oneself and the world.

Lady Nada’s influence extends beyond individual healing to global consciousness, where her energies contribute to the collective awakening and the manifestation of a more loving and compassionate world.

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