Ascended Master – Serepis Bey


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Serapis Bey is often revered as one of the Ascended Masters in Theosophy and other New Age spiritual traditions. He is associated with the qualities of discipline, purity, and ascension, and is considered a guardian of the White Flame of Ascension.

Historical and Mythological Background

Serapis Bey’s historical origins are somewhat ambiguous, with references to him often intertwining with ancient Egyptian mythology and Greek influences. Some believe that Serapis Bey was originally a high priest in Atlantis before its fall, later incarnating as an Egyptian deity associated with Osiris and Apis, merging these identities into Serapis. In this form, he became a deity of the underworld, healing, and the afterlife.

Attributes and Symbols

Serapis Bey is often depicted in white robes, symbolizing purity and the path to ascension. He is also associated with the White Flame, which represents the transformative power of ascension and spiritual evolution. His symbols include the ankh, a staff, and sometimes a lotus flower, all of which are emblems of life, enlightenment, and spiritual rebirth.

Role and Teachings

As an Ascended Master, Serapis Bey is considered the Chohan (or Lord) of the Fourth Ray, the Ray of Purity, Ascension, and Discipline. His teachings emphasize the importance of self-mastery, purity of heart and mind, and the diligent pursuit of spiritual growth. Serapis Bey encourages his followers to transcend their lower selves and embrace their higher spiritual nature.

Influence and Legacy

Serapis Bey’s influence is particularly strong among those who seek to achieve higher states of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. He is believed to assist in the process of spiritual purification, helping individuals to release negative karma and embrace their true divine nature. His teachings are often invoked during meditation, healing sessions, and rituals aimed at personal and planetary ascension.

Meditation and Invocation

To connect with Serapis Bey, practitioners often engage in meditations that focus on the White Flame, visualizing its cleansing and uplifting energy. Invocations and prayers to Serapis Bey typically ask for guidance in maintaining purity, discipline, and the strength to overcome challenges on the spiritual path.


Serapis Bey stands as a beacon of ascension, purity, and disciplined spiritual practice. His presence and teachings offer a pathway to higher consciousness, encouraging individuals to embody their highest potential and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity.

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