Ascended Master – Thoth


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Thoth is a prominent figure in ancient Egyptian mythology, revered as an ascended master, deity, and the embodiment of wisdom and knowledge. Often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis or a baboon, Thoth is associated with many aspects of intellectual and spiritual life.

Origins and Mythology

Thoth, also known as Djehuty, was considered the god of writing, wisdom, and the moon. He was believed to be the scribe of the gods, recording all events and maintaining the universe’s order through his vast knowledge. In Egyptian mythology, Thoth is often seen as the mediator and counselor among gods, helping to resolve conflicts and maintain balance.

Symbolism and Attributes

Thoth is typically represented holding a scribe’s palette and stylus, symbolizing his role in writing and knowledge. The ibis, often associated with him, was considered a symbol of wisdom and learning. The baboon, another of his sacred animals, represented his connection to the moon and his role in timekeeping.

Contributions to Civilization

Thoth’s contributions to Egyptian civilization were manifold. He was credited with the invention of hieroglyphs, the writing system that enabled Egyptians to record their history, culture, and religious beliefs. Thoth was also associated with the creation of the calendar, helping to regulate agricultural and religious activities.

Spiritual Significance

In the context of spirituality, Thoth is regarded as an ascended master—a being who has transcended physical limitations and achieved a higher state of consciousness. As an ascended master, Thoth is believed to guide humanity toward wisdom and enlightenment. His teachings emphasize the importance of knowledge, balance, and the pursuit of truth.

Influence in Esoteric Traditions

Thoth’s influence extends beyond ancient Egyptian religion into various esoteric and mystical traditions. In Hermeticism, Thoth is identified with Hermes Trismegistus, a legendary figure who is credited with writing the Hermetica—texts that form the foundation of Hermetic thought. These writings explore themes of alchemy, astrology, and divine wisdom, and have influenced Western esoteric traditions for centuries.


The legacy of Thoth continues to inspire modern spiritual seekers, scholars, and artists. His association with wisdom, writing, and the moon makes him a powerful symbol for those seeking knowledge and enlightenment. In contemporary spirituality, Thoth is often invoked in meditative practices, rituals, and creative endeavors aimed at accessing higher wisdom and understanding.


Thoth, as an ascended master and deity of wisdom, holds a timeless place in the annals of spiritual and intellectual history. His profound influence on writing, knowledge, and esoteric traditions continues to resonate, offering guidance and inspiration to those on the path of enlightenment.

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