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This Australian Bartender Found an ATM Glitch and Blew $1.6 Million

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This Australian Bartender Found an ATM Glitch and Blew $1.6 Million

Dan Saunders was out drinking in his home town of Wangaratta, three hours north of Melbourne, when he stumbled upon a bank glitch that briefly made him rich. He’d left the bar to get cash and discovered an ATM that was allowing him to withdraw way beyond his balance. And after a bit of trial and error the 29-year-old realized he’d found a loophole, and ran with it.

In a bender that lasted some five months, Dan managed to spend around $1.6 million of the bank’s money. He threw lavish parties, chartered private jets, and paid off his friends’ university fees, until—unsurprisingly—the police caught up with him.


The small town that saved its only grocery store — by buying it

Across rural America, independent grocery stores are shuttering. To keep its only store from joining the trend, one small town in Kansas got creative.

BY Michael Waters

In the final days of May 2020, residents of Erie, Kansas, received a letter in the mail from their city government. The self-addressed envelope contained just one question: “Do you support the City of Erie purchasing Stub’s Market?”

It was a dire moment for residents of Erie, a town of ~1k people in southeastern Kansas. COVID-19 was raging, basic household items and food products were running out of stock, and Stub’s Market — the city’s only grocery store — was on the verge of closing for good.

That would have left Erie with only a Dollar General, a chain store with a poor selection of produce and fresh food. To find fresh meats and vegetables, residents — many of whom don’t have cars — would’ve needed to travel 10 to 20 miles out of town.

So, the city council decided it would do just about anything to keep its only grocery store open.


Most Searched Consumer Brands

The Most Searched Consumer Brands in 2022

View the high resolution of this infographic by clicking here.

In today’s fast-paced world, a strong brand is a powerful asset that helps a business stand out in a sea of competition.

What are some of the most popular brands around the world? One way to gauge this is by looking at Google searches to see what consumers are searching for online (and therefore, what brands they’re paying the most attention to).

This graphic by uses data from Google Keyword Planner to show the world’s most searched consumer brands in the twelve months leading up to March 2022.


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