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Transformation of Icelandic teenagers

In the mid-90s, Icelandic teenagers were among Europe’s biggest drinkers and smokers.
Today, Iceland tops the list of European countries where the lifestyles of teenagers (young people aged 13-19) are the healthiest!
How did this evolve?
Icelandic scientists have tried to discover the biochemical processes that cause addiction.
Harvey Milkman, an American professor of psychology, now a lecturer at the University of Reykjavik, concluded that the choice of alcohol or drug depends on how the human body is used to dealing with stress.
It turns out that there are many different substances that cause biochemical processes in the brain, which the body then becomes dependent on.
Scientists then looked for actions that stimulate the same processes in the brain.
According to Milkman :
“You may be addicted to tobacco, alcohol, Coca-Cola, energy drinks and certain foods…

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We decided to offer teenagers something better.

We found that dancing, music, drawing or sports also triggered biochemical processes in the brain which made everything possible, but were also a harmless solution to stress, and that in terms of emotional effect nel, these actions should have the same effect on teenagers as stimulants, alcohol or tobacco.
Henceforth we offered them free masterclass programs in whatever sport or art they would like to study. Overtime, three times a week, has been specially funded by the state.
Each teen was required to participate in the program for three months… but in the end, a lot of them followed those programs for more than five years. “
To address teen nicotine and alcohol addiction problems, authorities also had to amend the law. Thus, Iceland banned advertising for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages and created special parent organizations that, in collaboration with the school, help students solve their psychological problems.
Thanks to this, Iceland, for the past 20 years, has managed to reduce the number of teenagers
who regularly drink 48% to 5%,
and those who smoke 23% to 3%.
Icelandic scientists suggest using similar methods in other countries.
The question is to know:
Who allows this to happen?
This will be a huge loss for multinationals. They have no interest in teens becoming self-aware and avoiding the path of addiction to alcohol, cigarettes and human stimulants until their death.
They want users.
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