Why your business needs a website

Why your business needs a website

Improve Business Credibility

A simple way to view a website is that it is your online business address. This is where your customers, clients and associates go to find you on the Internet.
It legitimizes your business and improves your credibility. It gives your business an identity and is virtual proof that it exists.
Don’t be misled into thinking a company page using Facebook is enough to build your credibility.

A2019 survey showed that 84% of consumers believe that having a website makes your business more credible than just a social media page.

Build Your Business

With the growth of the Internet, the influence of social media and the popularity of mobile devices, the website has become a crucial tool to build your business.
A website is a great way to share your story; tell your audience why you started this business, your goals and what you hope to accomplish with it.

36% of clients prefer to deal with businesses that have websites.
Only 21% will work with businesses without websites.

A website gives you the platform to highlight your experience and expertise.

Enhance Your Online Presence

Of the 7.4 Billion people in this world, 3.5 Billion people or 47% are online every day.

They are searching for information, sharing on social media or shopping on e-commerce websites.
This number is expected to grow as the world becomes increasingly dependent on mobile technology to search the Internet. Today there are an estimated 2.3 Billion smartphones worldwide.
If your small business does not have a website, you will be undermining its ability to generate income.

Efficient Way to Promote Your Business

There are many tools and techniques that you can use for online marketing but without a website, these strategies will fall short.
Among the most popular online marketing tools that you can use to create inbound traffic to your website:

Social Media – Of the 3.5 Billion people online every day, 2.34 Billion or 67% are on social media.
Blogging – Companies that blogged 16 times a month received 4.5 times more leads than those that blogged 0-4 posts per month.
E-mail Marketing – E-mail marketing is 40 times more effective in acquiring customers than Facebook.

Finally, online marketing is a sustainable process.
Your content will not go to waste. You can easily update it and reuse after a few months.

Boost Your Reputation as an Authority

If your business is in a competitive industry, a website will give you the forum to boost your reputation as an authority figure.

Blogging –  There’s one reason why blogging is the cornerstone of the content marketing process:
It works! Here are 3 key statistics on the benefits of blogging:
Websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages.
47% of buyers read 3 to 5 blogs before engaging a sales rep.
61% of consumers report a blog influenced their decision to buy.

Create a Tool for Sales Generation

It is very difficult to convert sales in social media. There are no available mechanisms to complete the transaction on- the- spot. An e-commerce website for example, has a checkout counter where goods and services can be paid for right away.

Showcase Your Work

If you’re offering interior design services, content writing, professional web design services and other types of work that can be made visual, a portfolio page will encourage more clients to try you out.
If you want to increase the impact of your portfolio page, include 5 or more client testimonies.

Keep Track of Your Business in Real Time

One of the most significant benefits of having a website for a small business is that you can keep track of its performance in real time through the use of analytics.
Analytics will provide you valuable data on how your business has been moving within a period of time. Key indicators of business performance include the following metrics:
Number of visitors going to your website.
Number of “unique visitors” or those who visit your website only once.
Page views or impressions tell how many times a page has been read or visited. This will give you an idea on which type of content visitors find interesting.

Professionalize Your Brand

Your brand gives your business its identity and makes it easier for customers and clients to understand what it is all about.
The website is the most effective and efficient way to build and professionalize your brand:
Website optimization techniques can help Internet users find your brand.
It can be distributed seamlessly through various online channels.
A professionally made website shows you are serious about your business.

Provide Contingencies for Your Brick-and-Mortar Business

If there’s anything that can be learned from the Covid-19 global pandemic is the importance of having a website for your brick and mortar business.
Customers can also use the website to contact you via email or chat support.
In case they have issues with your products, customers will have a platform to air their concerns.

All-In-One Business Hub

What can you do with your business website?
Provide a showroom for your products
Finalize sales transactions through various modes of payment
Provide social proof via testimonials and customer reviews
Educate your audience with blogs, e-books, modules, and training manuals
Provide customer support channels via chat, email, or built-in forms.
Give clear-cut information about your business including a location map, directions, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Have a Professional Email Address

What is more impressive?
yourbusinessname@yahoo.com or yourbusinessname@yourdomainname.com?
Having a professional email address has the following benefits for your business:
Creates better brand awareness
Representing your company with a free email account may be seen as a red flag for some prospects
Allows you to create specific email accounts to organize business operations. For example: info@yourdomainname.com, sales@yourdomainname.com, and jobs@yourdomainname.com.

Keep Your Business Open 24/7

Unlike a commercial establishment, the Internet doesn’t have operating hours. Your customers can find you 24/7. There are no holidays and you can “work overtime” without incurring extra costs.
Thus, a website can be an effective way to improve your customer service.

Find Clients

More accurately, your clients will find you!
Some well-intentioned people may advise you that you can run a business with only social media – no website needed.

That’s not true.
Only 12.5% of consumers are enticed to purchase by a “Buy Button” on a social media page.
In contrast, 60% of consumers reported that they were encouraged to purchase by an email.
Thus, email marketing is a better strategy than social media marketing for converting interest into sales.

Generate Leads

Lead generation is an important component of email marketing and your website is the best tool for capturing email addresses.
When someone gives you his email address, he is giving you permission to send content to his inbox. If you ask your friends, family, and network of contacts, they will gladly give you their email addresses.

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